How To Make Money Selling Your 3D Models

This is a pretty straight forward route to make money online. Let's say your a student or an employee and in your education or profession you've made numerous 3D models. Instead of having your files sit there and take up hard drive space you can sell them on multiple online marketplaces and help fetch you a decent income.

Here are a few sites you can market to:

Normally the way it works is you signup (registration is almost always free) to any of these sites and you submit your 3D models. You then set a price and upload your renders to show off the quality and detail of your work. When you set the price you usually earn a percentage of that in royalties. This is usually a very good percentage, some around 40-70% depending on the site.

Why would studios, companies or animators buy my models? For this simple reason: If a studio is on a budget or a deadline and they find it cheaper and faster to just purchase a model rather than have their staff make it from scratch, the studio will buy the model.

Chances of Success?

I would say they are pretty high if you have some quality work. Think of how many 3D models you may have, how many online market places there are and how much money you can set each individual 3D model. Depending on the quality, people will be willing to pay top dollar for your work. The price spectrum varies from $1.00 ferns to $5,000.00 robotic hands

As a market that's continuously growing and the demand constantly on rise, some 3D Modelers making as much as $32,000.00 in a single year. That's food for thought.